Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Shootey Fun w/ the Family

The sister and BIL, on their way home from vacation, stopped to pick up mom and take her home. What better way to pass some time than to take the niece and nephew out to shoot the guns they use in the 'Call of Duty' games?

The nephew is going to start a display board of the different calibers he shoots but the quote of the day goes to the niece:

"I'm not freaked out by them anymore"

And that's how we win.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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kaveman said...

Your niece sounds reasonable.

Very weird.

Hat Trick said...

Good job. Yes, that is how we win.

I'm puzzled by your niece's head position. Was she scared to get a proper cheek weld or is she left eye dominant? She looks like she's sighting with the left eye with the pistol.

Sebastian said...

That looks like a genuine SVD Dragunov. Is that the case?

Thirdpower said...

Chinese NDM-86. Exact copy in comparison to the Romak/PSL's.

Sebastian said...

I have a PSL. I'm jealous.

Earl said...

Keep it fun, but they need to get their heads up and raise the rifles to them.

But isn't a little correct knowledge and some safe firearms shooting fun always going to beat the frightened by firepower?