Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paul Helmke Short on Facts

Via SIH, Paul Helmke's ghost writer whines that people oppose their attempts to ban private sales of firearms nationwide.

Either way, whoever did write it didn't do much fact checking.
As Rep. Conyers pleaded for opponents of the legislation to speak up, a representative of the Illinois Rifle Association stood up....

...the IRA rep must have realized that the flagrant flaws in his logic would have been exposed.
First of all, it's the Illinois State Rifle Assoc. (ISRA) not Illinois Rifle Assoc. I'm sure the shortening of it to IRA was purely accidental. Right?

Second of all, the rep wasn't from the ISRA, he was from the NRA.

The confusion is understandable though when even the statewide group outnumbers the gun controllers in the state by thousands, just like the NRA outnumbers the BC nationwide.

And they also want us to overlook the fact that all the incidents they mentioned occurred in BC endorsed gun free zones.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Even better was just who that NRA member was specifically.
However, since he posted elsewhere that he chose to remain a visiting interested citizen and not to invoke any other status of his within the gun rights movement, he declined to speak.
The meeting people used everything short of Tasers to get him to talk, but he just got up and left as Conyers seemed to be demanding he speak in an official behalf.
Fortunately Conyers and his henchpeople, the visitor did not engage.
It would have been devastating given our friend's actual ability to engage on the subject.
"Slaughter" would not have covered what would have been done to them.