Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quote of The Day-PuSH'er Edition

Browsing the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership's FB page I came across this comment:
There's no such thing as a "law abiding citizen", only "previously unconvicted citizens".
Wow. Just wow.

And this individuals profile picture just adds to it:

There are obviously no mirrors in this persons world.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Sarah said...

Well, at least the Brady Borg's being completely honest for a change.

eriko said...

Given the current state of the laws the person is correct. I have little doubt than at least once a week each of us does something that could be prosecuted as a felony. We just do not know and the legal system does not have a reason to want to arrest you now. Google the guy looking at 10 years for importing/collecting orchids and you will see what I mean if you do not already know.

kaveman said...

Sad but true. In the state of Oregon, it is illegal to take a bath while naked and it's illegal to eat ice cream on the seventh day of the week, sunday.

I had some ice cream last sunday, don't tell the fuzz.