Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gun Show Loophole Meeting

From the reports I've heard it was, unsurprisingly, a staged 'dog and pony show'. Outside of staff, there were about a dozen attendees, mostly ICHV/BC board members. The Congressthings, Including MI John Conyers answered prearranged questions and clearly showed they haven't read the bills nor have any clue on the issue beyond talking points and Brady press releases.

The single NRA member there was NOT representing the organization in an official manner and the ISRA had no official representation either yet the panel tried to force him to speak, even threatening a subpoena.

This is going to be their push for awhile.

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Weer'd Beard said...

That's been a big card in their playbook for a while. One of the best examples was Meleanie Hain's media coverage. She wall pulled into full-on debates with people like Bryon Miller and Paul Helmke. She was going toe-to-toe with full-fledged professional flacks for the anti-rights lobby, and she herself was just a regular soccer mom who just wanted to carry to protect her children.

An lesser known example was the freestate libertarian who open carried at an Obama protest in new Hampshire who found himself interviewed by Chris Matthews.

Thankfully both of those people handled themselves very admerably (So much that when Ms. Hain tragically died many of the anti-rights bigots felt compelled to dance in her blood)

But this play is a close relative to a straw-man argument. Take a professional federal lobbyist who has speech writers and a staff that help them with talking points and spinning facts in rebuttals, and put them up against an unknown with a day job and might never spoke publicly before or familiar with the debate format used, and then incorrectly claim they are on even footing.

Thankfully because their side survives exclusively off of lies and misdirection, and our side prides ourselves with facts and reality, many of these attempted routs turn our to be a loss even for their heaviest hitters.

Still its far better odds than actually debating an equal