Friday, July 30, 2010

More Shallow Grassroots

What happens to the typical 'blog' that supports gun control when the money dries up? The writing stops:
For some time blogging at has rarely been more than a repost of something someone at another group wrote up with little commentary, and recently the blogging frequency has dropped to once a week or so. Now … their last post (at least as of Thursday night) was about SCOTUS nominee Kagan, and is two weeks old.

Back in Nov. of '07, near when I first started this blog (not financed by the gun lobby), I asked Gonzo (Mark Karlin)this question:

If you weren't paid by the Joyce Foundation, would you still run your site?

Guess my question's been answered.

Count up how many independent 'gun control' blogs there are. Then compare them to this list.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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Linoge said...

Huh. I was just thinking about this kind of thing this week...

Alexander Tristan Riley? Gone.

Robyn Ringler? Gone.

JadeGold? Slumming at some scumbag's hole-in-the wall.

Laura Washington the Racist? Well, she still occasionally writes about guns, but mostly she bitches and moans about Our Glorious President not being racist enough.

And yet not only are the old-and-dependable pro-rights weblogs going strong still, we are adding new ones to the fold on an almost-daily basis. I guess watching the writing on the wall continue to grow against them is just too much for the petty authoritarians to bear.

Sucks to be them.

Old Jarhead said...

I see one of two things happening as we approach November and elections.

1. Joyce Foundation money will again begin to flow to support those blogs such as "Gun Guys" with all the attendant fear mongering and hysteria, again accusing any person who believes in the 2A of being racist insurrectionists.
2. They give up and find a better place to put the many millions of $ they have to spend. Maybe something along the lines of supporting the tax and cap type laws.

Either way, I suspect they will lose. But let's not warn them too much. All that spending may filter over to real gun guys through the actual spending of the anti's.

Weer'd Beard said...

Linoge, also note how precious few "anti-gun Blogs" there are out there. Most people who have a sidebar link to Gun Guys et al, quickly learn that they're better off letting the paid shills (or the totally insane) attempt to defend the foolish claims of the anti-rights zealots.