Sunday, July 25, 2010

Appleseed Day 1

Would have had this up last night by my internet gave me issues (of course).

Got there about 8am and started helping w/ setup.

Mandatory safety briefing.

Due to ejecting brass, all the EBR's were put at the far right of the line. I'm not used to having people shooting so close to me so having brass dinging off my rifle and me was at first nerve-racking. By the end of the day, I didn't even notice it.

View from the line. 25m.

Instruction on techniques in the prone position.

Throughout the day and during lunch, history lessons were given on the lead-up to the start of the Revolutionary war.

Practicing the sitting position.

Some things I learned:
1) 95deg and sun + uncovered EBR/magazines = expletives
2) Some of the positions require levels of contortionism training
3) Unless a miracle occurs, I am not going to qualify rifleman this time around.

Not an overly big deal. Most don't. Instead of using the AK, I went w/ the AR which apparently required some zeroing. Having someone actually show you the mistakes you're making while you're making them made a big difference in tightening up my groups. I knew academically most of the issues they talked about but it was better for me to have someone point out what I was doing and demonstrate the proper way. While I can't argue w/ the results that people are achieving, I'm going to have to play around w/ their sling concepts to find something that works for me.

Between being to tired to clean the AR last night and cost issues, I'm going to switch to the .22 Marlin 81 today w/ the SKS as backup. Like I said, I don't think I'm going to qualify so I'm going to work on technique.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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John Richardson said...

I love how they recycle old political signs. I was thinking of picking them up after our primaries for the same use but never got around to it.

Hat Trick said...

Now you can keep up your training by shooting the CMP matches. The Taylorville Rifle and Pistol Club has one the second sunday of each month and Abe Lincoln Gun Club's is usually the 4th sunday of the month. Check the ALGC schedule at

The Leroy Rifle & Pistol Club SE of Bloomington has matches too.

hobbitt said...

I remember the positions.

I practiced them a month before in the bedroom.

Still on the sunday after the 1st Appleseed, every joint popped and sang.

Earl said...

The only way I can help myself shoot better is with the video camera recording Earl and looking at it later. Nice thing about the Appleseed you have others looking and reminding you of what you could be doing. Changing rifles for cost of bullets is how I went to my first Appleseed, a Stevens single shot target rifle in 22 and an M1 Garand. I learned a lot, but was no where near where I should have been, and I still don't remember them teaching me about Natural Point of Aim. Now I know they would have, but I was busy with my own problems and didn't notice.

About positions and slings, one family in Idaho uses only the Hasty sling (always) and the open legged sitting position - they do teach the others and can demonstrate them, but all of them are Riflemen and Instructors now. Hope you find the mix that you will get Rifleman with.