Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Lie Still Being Repeated

Using almost the exact wording as the Joyce Puppet ICPGV, the Brady Campaign is making a push to get enough co-sponsors to get SB3709 out of committee. This bill would ban all private sales in Illinois. No doubt they are pushing this due to MAIG making their push on the 'gun show loophole' myth.

The catch? As Illinois residents already know, there's already a 'universal background check' in the form of the FOID card. So when gun control advocates claim:
"anyone — including gang members, people with severe mental illness, and domestic violence offenders — can buy a handgun from an unlicensed seller with no questions asked.
They are lying. As I mentioned before, there IS a question asked:
Can I see your FOID card?
Now the fun part is, I brought this direct point up to the Brady Campaign's Petey "Don't call me Petey or I'll shoot you" Hamm the other day on SIH. He avoided the questions and tried to redirect the topic to Florida and stirring discontent between differing views before running away and refusing to answer any further questions that called out his fallacies.

I wonder why?

Another fun fact is that this bill is sponsored by Il State Sen. Kotowski. He's the one that was caught lying to legislature on .50 cal rifles, attached an anti-gun bill to a bill labeled to reduce the sexual exploitation of children, and ban rifles chambered in .17WMR as 'military style assault weapons'.

This is gun control advocates, the LEADERSHIP mind you, in action.

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