Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From Bad To Worse....

The Amici Briefs supporting the Chicago Handgun ban started arriving today. I noted earlier how sad the primary brief was for the city. These are even sadder. Most of them can be summed up w/ a comment from IllinoisCarry:
ADL:  OMG Racists!
Josh Horowitz: OMG Insurrectionist!
Mayors: OMG Criminals!
54 Reps: OMG Guns in the Mail!
Public Health: OMG Suicide!
Like the Chicago brief, the 'historians' briefs are trying to re-argue the Heller decision on Individual v Collective rights. The Illinois et al brief repeats "EXPERIMENT" over and over. Nevermind that w/ a murder rate of 5x the rest of the state where firearms are common, that pretty much shows that the 'experiment' of gun control has failed.

And again, the numbers of states and legislators supporting the ban are a small fraction of those who support individual rights.

From the way I see it, we know we have 4 solids on the court. The 5th, Kennedy, would have to completely reverse his decision in Heller to rule against McDonald.

Nothing in life is guaranteed but this is looking pretty good for our side.

Update: Two more 'historian' briefs have been filed, one including our old friend Saul Cornell. I haven't read the whole thing but I wonder if he got his facts straight this time.

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