Monday, January 4, 2010

Feeling the Pinch.

The tough economy and pending losses is forcing the Joyce Foundation to re-evaluate their situation. Along w/ Saul Cornell dumping the 2A 'Research' Center, several other groups are going away.

According to the 2009 grant list as of Dec. 10, 2009, the LCAV Illinois puppet group Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (ICPGV) is being merged w/ the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence (ICHV):

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Printable version
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Chicago, IL
Amount: $350,000
Length: 12

For continued support of its public, media, and policy-maker education efforts to promote firearm policy reform in Illinois, and to integrate the activities of the Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence into the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violenc
Looking at more of the grants. Todd Vandermyde noted that Karlin's are going to have more on their plate as the States United to Prevent Gun Violence has been merged with the Freedom States Alliance (FSA) :
To support its transition following a merger with States United to Prevent Gun Violence and its continued efforts on behalf of state gun violence prevention groups.

It also looks like Josh Sugarmann (among others) is going to have to tighten his belt a bit this year as they're getting over $100K less than they did last year. That'll barely cover the salaries. But how much does it really take to do Google searches all day?

Whether it's the economy, support, or a business decision , this shows the condition that gun control advocacy is in as pro-gun groups across the country are expanding . They're hurting and we need to continue to make them hurt.

More at IllinoisCarry.

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Thomas F said...

I always wondered what cruel fate it was that the Joyce foundation didnt' give Bernie Madoff their money to manage...... so that this could happen sooner.....

Anonymous said...

Is this part of "Starving the Monkey"?

B Woodman

Weer'd Beard said...

Be interesting if the foundations might be unable to pay their spokesmen such exorbitant salaries, what will happen.

At the ground level there are a handful of speakers and activists who have lost family members to gang violence, or spree killers, and of course there are the strange lot of people like our famous internet trolls.

But at the top I have to suspect that these spokespeople and managers are more Mercenaries willing to read talking points and further agendas to whoever will stuff their bank account.

With the Sugar Money drying up, what will become of them?