Monday, October 26, 2009

Firearms in no danger in North Carolina.

Ten months after the original posting and 4 months after her original comment, Laura Eshelman of the gun ban organization North Carolinians Against Gun Violence Ownership responds with the traditional SOP ad hominem attacks and insults.

First she says this:
Excuse me- would it matter if I had replied to your "cited and sourced critisms"? I didn't see a single source for your information.
Is she unfamiliar w/ the organizations her group claims connection with? Let's take a look at one. The Joyce Foundation funded Illinois Council Against Handgun Ownership and who they hold up as an example of quality leadership:
ICHV also honored three Illinois leaders with the 2009 Legislative Advocacy Award. Congressman Bobby Rush (1st district), also a survivor of gun violence, his son Huey was shot and killed in 1999 continues to advocate for comprehensive solutions to gun violence. Rush is a sponsor of the of the “Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009,”
Ah Yes. Bobby Rush's HR 45 with its dozens of supporters. Not to mention this:
Finally, Oak Park Village President David Pope has been a stalwart defender of his community's life-saving handgun ban along with Chicago and has pledged that regardless of the looming Supreme Court decision next summer, Oak Park is committed to enacting sensible and effective policies to reduce access to guns.
I could continue for Ms. Eshelman but I don't think she really cares how many quotes or sources I present since I'm sure she's well aware of the policies of these organizations. Why do I think this? Because of her high quality reply:
presenting further information is really just pointless as hardcore gun lobbyists seem to have cotton permanently stuffed in their ears anyway. I often wonder whether it would be a little different if every "responsible gun owner" with that mentality had a child commit suicide with a gun someday- sadly, if you did bother to research the consistent statistics about how frequently that happens, you probably wouldn't care.
I should thank you for reminding me why I refuse to hang out with conservatives.

Isn't Ms. Eshelman cute w/ the personal attacks, stereotypes and bigotry? Nevermind the levels of projection she exhibits. And she just can't help to throw in the classic insult of the gun banners:
I tend to be proactive in my line of work, and thus have better things to do than sit around my computer waiting for people to argue with and stroking my rifle (especially since I don't have anything to compensate for...)
She really did work hard to make my point for me, didn't she? They are their own worst enemy.

So don't worry citizens of North Carolina (F rated, 20/100 by the Brady Campaign), you're in good shape.

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