Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Reality of Gun 'Turn-Ins'.

At Snuffy Pfleger's church.

Thanks to Yas at Illinois Carry with more pictures and info.

UPDATE: The 'buyback' wasn't as successful as past years. Seems there's only so many little old ladies w/ rusty guns in their basements.

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the pistolero said...

I don't know if you saw this from THR from a couple of years ago, Thirdpower, but I got a kick out of it.

Stan said...


Linoge said...

Fifty bucks for a handful of old, rusted-out, non-functional BB guns?

Way to go, Yas!

I notice, though, that the bounty on people handing over their rights to the government seems to be decreasing...

Bobby Nations said...

Actually, he could have gotten a bit more for the two airguns at the top of the pile there. The Daisy No. 25 goes for up to $300 or more depending upon age and condition. His looks to be wearing wooden furniture making it pre 1952 with a value of probably $75 or so. The Daisy model 26/572 Field Master next to it can fetch as much as $50 if it were still in working condition. The other three are junk for sure, and $10 apiece is good money for them. More information on the two airugns mentioned above can be found on the Pyramid Air blog site: and

Yas said...

Should have, could have, would have....... Rescue attempts on the tetanus classics can be addressed to: Jody Weiss, Attention Chief of CPD.

I was more shocked seeing what looked to me as 600 to 700 dollars of 38 special wheel guns that went for 2 $50 dollar debit cards. I basically took a chance of saving rusted out bb guns from hitting a dumpster and hanging on to them for a year on the chance Chicago would sponsor another turn in. Plus a little recon for the gun community.

Bobby Nations said...


Sorry, I didn't mean to come across so critical. I applaud you getting money for the 3 junkers, especially their money ;-)

Just for future reference, there are a number of very helpful bulletin boards and blogs where folks will give you good back of the napkin type appraisal for any found airguns. It's surprising what some of them are worth.

Yas said...

Peace Bobby no foul. I can't cry over what's past.
I did a search on model numbers a week before the turn-in and hit with nothing that raised as good as the information as you provided. Guns america and gunbroker didn't have much reference ether.

I keep replaying Saturdays events in my mind and I keep thinking about a person behind me that was turning in a .22 bolt action rifle. When the officer worked the bolt on it, was when the comment was raised about forgetting bring a can of WD-40. That tells you what shape it was in. The Chicago resident turning it in whom I briefly talked to while waiting inline outside had comments reflecting that he was very nervous about having it around the house and deciding to finally get rid of it. I did not press him further as honestly I did not fit the profile of that neighborhood. From what I've seen, People are very distrustful about the amnesty. I'll never know if it was his fear of Chicago authorities and their firearms laws and registration requirements, perhaps he didn't have a FOID card (yet another hoop for an Illinois gun owner to jump thru) The guy certainly wasn't robbing 7-11's with this thing. Its pretty sad when someone's afraid to have a 22 rifle in a house. One can only wonder how we got there and what it will take to restore the 2nd amendment in places like Chicago.

Until then I'd do what I can to remove money from Chicago and spend it elsewhere. Turn ins, now that I've seen one consists of: Old ladies clearing out the house of "those bad things" and "cash for clunkers" for most of the rest. I can't recall if any information has ever been released on any true crime guns being turned in by criminal's foolish enough to do so. Chicago has a lot of rivers. But then again the police normally catch the dumb and slow criminals rather than the smart and quick.....

There was a funny comment in SCC that I smiled when I saw it.

" Its bad when we had an old lady come to a south side church and try to get her gun back from last year. She was clear in her conversation to the Pastor that she wanted it back since her neighborhood is now full of riff raff. It was a sad but true conversation. "

Chicago's currently the new wild west. 25 years of bans in Chicago and it's still not working. Yet the Mayor and some aldermen have body guards or are armed . Funny but in the city I live in my mayor travels solo.

HerrBGone said...

I think the Model 25 actually has plastic furniture based on the shape of the foregrip and its sheen. They did a fair job of imitating the look of wood from a distance. The Model 26 next to it may have a damaged gear or latch forcing the grip to stay in the forward position when not held back. Mine will do that if you cock it and don’t hang on against spring tension. It will stay in the back position after you fire it and release the spring. The two closest to the camera don’t even have shot tubes although the smaller (Model 105 maybe?) could be used to shoot corks with the shot tube removed. Can’t see what the one under the Model 25 might have been. Perhaps a Red Ryder?