Thursday, August 13, 2009

Silence = Support?

That's Paul Helmke's latest claim in that he wants people to believe the NRA is promoting 'blood in the streets' (yes, that tired old meme again) by not issuing press releases on people carrying to Town Hall meetings.

Of course by this logic, the Brady Campaign then approved of the gun confiscations in New Orleans after Katrina.

One would almost think that Helmke WANTS something to happen. Then the Brady Campaign can send out another E-mail alert asking for contributions amounts in the number of people dead. Just like they did after VT.

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Don said...

The "Freedom States Alliance" astroturf is sending out pleas for people to sign their petition to end open carry because "the gun lobby has gone too far!"

My question is, when did that happen? When did the gun lobby get open carry passed in New Hampshire? 8,000 years ago?

Illinois voter said...

Just remember the NH state motto.
Live Free Or Die !