Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rabid Membership

That's what Paul Helmke considers the 4 million people in the NRA.

“I think the gun lobby is starting to lose its clout,” Helmke said.

Which explains why there's no new AWB, Nat'l Park Carry, Heller, etc. He only wishes he had anywhere near as many 'rabid' members.


Jacob said...

NRA is at or close to 5 million now.

Anonymous said...

"Lose its clout."

Maybe he's looking at his lonely mirror reflection. . . .

B Woodman

Chas said...

Hey! Where'd my clout go? I just had it here a minute ago! Anybody seen it? That's the third time this week I've lost that stupid clout! I'm going to have to put a chain on it or something.