Friday, August 28, 2009

Illinois Mayors Against Guns

As Bitter continues her series on MAIG Mayors and how some have either dropped out for political considerations or stated they'ld been misled on the goals of the organization, we all need to do our part in encouraging our own state's mayors to drop this albatross from their neck. Here is the list of Illinois members:

Mayor Richard Daley
Chicago, IL

Mayor Lorraine H. Morton
Evanston, IL

Mayor Henderson Yarbrough Sr.
Maywood, IL

Mayor Christopher Koos
Normal, IL

Mayor Rita L. Mullins
Palatine, IL

Mayor John A. Spring
Quincy, IL

Mayor Lawrence Morrissey
Rockford, IL

Mayor Richard H. Hyde
Waukegan, IL

Update: MAIG has not been updating their lists. Rita Mullins of Palatine was defeated by Jim Schwantz in the last election. The mayors of Waukegan and Evanston are also out of date. Requests have been sent for information.


bobn said...

I can't believe some poor guy is named Jim Schwantz

SoupOrMan said...

I'm even more surprised that Springfield's mayor Tim Davlin isn't on the list. He loves showing his Democrat credentials.

Don said...

Democrat, yes, but anti-gun ties are not as free of consequences here as they would be in Chicagoland. He's right to tread lightly.