Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Give them what they want and they won't hurt you.

A former lawyer and firearm rights advocate who befriended an ex-con was murdered by him so the con could steal the lawyers gun collection.

"They forced the victim upstairs, covering his face with a jacket, and forced him onto a bed," the prosecutor said. "It was Bratcher who held the back of the victim's head into a cushion on the bed and smothered him."

Now according to anti-gun advocates like Mikeb, it is Mr. Kuhn's, the victim, own fault as well as the fault of all firearm owners for this murder.
Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said Kuhn was passionate about gun safety. Kuhn served as the group's executive vice president and was a legal adviser and a director for 25 years. He was a trainer, range master, and hunter safety instructor.

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