Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Josh Sugarmann is a Sad Clown

He's upset that the new administration hasn't followed through on their promises to ban guns and instead have recognized the political reality that doing so would hand Congress back to the Republicans on a silver platter. He wants O to use his executive powers and bypass the legislature since there's virtually no chance of getting anything passed there currently.

Two really funny bits though. Apparently the BATFE headquarters is an "NRA beach-head".

Yes. He really said that. I had to read it two or three times to make sure I wasn't just seeing things.

If that doesn't tell you how disjointed Josh is, nothing will.

The second is him quoting Jimmeh Cahtah's rant in the NYT's against the hundreds of thousands of us who, according to Carter, want to go out and shoot police because the mind control chips in our "Assault Weapons" have taken over.

What's funny and ironic is the part of the op-ed that Josh DIDN'T use:
"I have used weapons since I was big enough to carry one, and now own two handguns, four shotguns and three rifles, two with scopes."

Why wouldn't he mention that? Might it be because not only does Josh advocate banning Jimmy's two handguns but also advocates banning those "two (rifles) with scopes" as "intermediate sniper rifles"?

So basically we have a deliberately dishonest anti-gunner citing a clueless Fudd gun owner.

Update: Of course Paul has to get into the act to say how sad he is as well.

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Weer'd Beard said...

You'd think he'd be happy. He stands to make a LOT of money being one of the ONLY DC 01FFLs!

LOVE the quote you dropped in your article.

That's going to be a tough pill for him to swallow.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

They delete comments over there right? Cause I asked if *Baby wanted a bottle* and I don't see it yet, and it's been a few hours.

kaveman said...

"Apparently the BATFE headquarters is an "NRA beach-head"."

Well, duh!

I just called up the ATF and yelled, "Make me a sandwich, biatch!"

Then the dude answering the phone asked for my address so he'd know where to bring it.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Jimmeh is a Fudd? I wonder what he hunts...

I mean besides housecats.

Cybrludite said...


Swamp Rabbits, obviously.