Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gun Nut Currency*

Kent McManigal of "Kent for Liberty" has designed a beautiful silver coin he's working on having minted. He's currently taking reservations with the final cost when produced being $20 ea. I've got mine ordered.

*Yeah, yeah, I know it's not 'legal currency'.


Kent McManigal said...

"Not legal currency" just means you can't pay your tribute to the state with it. As if that's a bad thing. :) The gov can't stop you from using voluntarily in your private (non-governmental) business dealings, though.

I have accepted silver as payment for years, and actually prefer it in most cases.

Dan said...

Looks like Church of G.O.D. currency to me.

drjim said...

Sounds good to me!

kaveman said...

Uh oh, Dan just gave me an idea. I got 4.5 pounds of pure silver sitting around doing nothing and my buddy has a kiln.

Got. to. stop. reading. comments.

kaveman said...

I just ordered 5.

I may regret the purchase when I sober up tomorrow, but I doubt it.