Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IGOLD 2009

A very successful day. Make sure to visit IllinoisCarry for a liveblog version of the events as well as more photos. ISRA has added a media and photo/video roundup.

Off to meet the IGOLD bus in Champaign. As of last count, there are buses from 30 locations heading to Springfield for the event, nearly all of them full. Meeting up w/ LonghornJeff and ArmedSchoolteacher (really wish 45Superman could be there), I will be taking photos and notes while there and will update throughout the day if possible. For the impatient, there will be a LiveFeed on Illinois Carry here as well as several Twitter accounts of attendees.

On Bus #1 (of 2) from Champaign/Urbana:
There were a total of 24 buses w/ an average of 45 people per bus.

John Naese of giving instructions:

Lunch at Golden Corral:

Arrival at Convention Center:

At Convention Center.

ArmedSchoolTeacher got me registered:

LongHornJeff directed me to the media table where I met Slappy from IllinoisCarry:

Representatives from the ISRA, Mike Weisman and Mr. Pearson have spoken and have introduced Joe Tartaro, KABA rep.

Just introduced. Brandon Phelps, legistator of the year who introduced HB2257.

Todd Vandermyde. NRA Il lobbyist. Stated CCW bill was killed in Senate Committee before the attendees arrived. Wonder how many of those legislators were endorsed by the Brady Campaign?

Just met Mike Weisman of the ISRA.

Frank Wright of GunsSaveLife: Play nice w/ the legislator and Jackson Counter protestors.

Valinda Rowe, IllinoisCarry, Women's rights in Illinois:

The ISP state that a woman should use these following items to defend herself instead of a gun: Comb, Key, or Tongue Depressor (to induce vomiting on oneself).

Colleen Lawson

Tom Shafer, local advocate and media personality:

I currently sitting next to Slappy from Illinois Carry as we liveblog the event. I will continue as long as I have WiFi and power.

The March:

Getting Started:

On the Way to the Capitol Building:

Expressing our View:

View from the March:

View From the Steps of the Capitol:

Don Moran, President, ISRA.

Cameron Grey of was there to cover the event:

In The Capitol:

Most of the Legislators were running around in committees or on the floor. Some (mostly those opposed to progressive firearm laws) were actively avoiding their constituents. I managed to surprise Rep. Chapin Rose in the hallway:

Sen. Dale Righter I found in a committee and spoke with him for a few minutes:

I'm lucky in that both are very strong 2A supporters both in words and in their voting record.

The Reception:

Candidate Rosanna Pulido and Sen. Dan Rutherford both spoke at the reception before the attendees headed home.

Some IGOLD stats:

Budget for Event: $25,000

24 buses picking up people from 30 locations

Packets Distributed: 5,100

Estimate of Attendance: 4,000-5,000 people.

Next year will be even bigger.

More photos here.

Commentary here.


Crustyrusty said...

Good luck, guys... I'd be there if I still lived in the PR Illinois. I have to admit, that although I left for other reasons, the state I moved to is so much more free and less stifling in many ways. I'm glad I left that hell hole. And this is from a native Chicagoan... :(

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Give 'em hell, Third! Sorry to miss it.

Don said...

That plaque Valinda Rowe is holding up is her display of recommended Illinois self-defense weapons according to the Illinois State Police: A key, a comb, and a tongue depressor.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job!

Anonymous said...

"Budget for Event: $25,000

24 buses picking up people from 30 locations

Packets Distributed: 5,100

Estimate of Attendance: 4,000-5,000 people."

Exercising one right for the support of another:


be603 said...

It's true. Yellow does make things look bigger.

Anonymous said...

THe convention center capacity was 10,000? we more than half filled it. 24 buses x45 was a large drop in the bucket. My guess watching the parade turning the corner while the front had reached the steps, closer to 7500. I haven't seen a picture yet that captured the crowd I saw. Kicking myself for forgetting my camera this year.