Friday, March 13, 2009

Police Support

I was talking to a local police officer the other day. He told me that his department is working on several ideas to get more involved with the community and to show their support for firearm rights.

One is the offering of Basic Pistol courses that would include two days of training including at least 10 hours of shooting. Areas of emphasis would be maintenance, assembly/disasembly, proper stances, grip, etc. They're planning on offering both co-ed classes and classes for women. While this wouldn't make one qualified for a CCW (which the officer I spoke to also supported) an additional benefit that they're tossing around is then to open up the police pistol range once or twice a month to 'graduates'.

The other idea that is being worked on is to upgrade their ranges for IDPA and other competitions since there are none in our area.

As he said, these are not "if" they're going to happen but "when".


Don said...

If that's true, it's a big deal. I can't think of another police department that would do something like host an IDPA match.

Mjolnir said...

That is freakin awesome! All depts. should do this and encourage responsible gun ownership. Nice to see the "law" on our side.