Saturday, January 24, 2009

ISP sitting on FOID applications

From the ISRA:
Over the past several weeks, the ISRA has received several dozen phone calls from irate firearm owners who have been waiting a month or more to have their applications for Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) cards processed by the Illinois State Police.

After making inquiries into the backlog, ISRA representatives were told by ISP officials that inadequate staffing and funding were to blame for the slowdown in application processing. Those same officials were unable to say when, if ever, the situation would improve.
Yet anecdotal evidence is showing that many cards seem to be being held until the applicants make a stink about it, receiving them days after making calls. A friend of mine applied in Oct. and still hasn't received his.

The application cost was increased last year to $10 to cover the earlier 'funding problems' so that excuse is a flat out lie. They're playing games and are in violation of state law while doing so. I'm sure they'll be held accountable for it.

Armed and Safe
has more including an admission that they're breaking the law.

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