Monday, October 20, 2008

New NRA ad


It's in reference to the Hale Demarr situation in IL where a homeowner who had an unregistered handgun in Wilmette, IL, where you had to register but couldn't , defended himself w/ said handgun against a home invasion and was then himself charged w/ possession. The IL legislature, in an amazing show of wisdom, overwhelmingly voted to modify the law making such an action an affirmative defense via SB2165, even overriding a veto by the Governor.

Obama voted against this bill in every form and at every time. Obviously he considers prosecuting someone who violated an unconstitutional law (which even the city recognizes now) was more important than considering the welfare of the actual victim.

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Anonymous said...

That's some good news, I remember reading about Demar in NRA's America's 1st Freedom Magazine when this first happened.

Oregon has something similar which has been nick-named the "lesser of two evils law." If you use a firearm to defend yourself from a felony attack, yet broke some other gun law(like carrying without a license) in order to do so, you can't be charged with the lesser law.