Monday, October 20, 2008

Edge of the Wedge..

Ray Schoenke's trip through Ohio stumping for Obama shows clearly what the AHSA was created for. To be a false-front organization for anti-gun politicians and trick gun owners into supporting them. With the help of a clueless and partisan media, he's getting his word out:

Sportsmen for ... Obama?

That’s right. American Hunters and Shooters Association President Ray Schoenke conducted a two-day tour across Ohio Tuesday and Wednesday, stopping at the Gallia County Gun Club yesterday to confirm Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s support for the rights of hunters and sportsmen.

The AHSA is a non-partisan, gun rights organization and an alternative to the National Rifle Association. The organization aims to protect sporting heritage and hunting and fishing conservation, while promoting gun safety.
No mention of all the anti-gun legislation and activities that Obama's been involved in. Simply "He won't directly confiscate your guns so he's a good guy". That, according to Schoenke, is supporting 'hunters and shooters'.

Thankfully some people aren't falling for it and are trying to get the word out on both Obama and the AHSA:
As a past president of the Gun Club and chairman of the Gallia Area Friends of NRA, to my knowledge the Gun Club has never endorsed any candidate being local, state or national and certainly not Sen. Barack Obama, as was implied in the article...

This is the same organization that called the DC gun ban a 'laudable effort' and stated that laws mandating storage at 'gun clubs' or armories would pass muster.

That might be considered 'supporting hunters and shooters' in the UK, but not here.

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Anonymous said...

Problem is, AHSA doesn't need to convince all the hunters/gun owners they're legit. They just need a salami slice which can change the outcome in a few key states.