Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smackdown on Laura Washington

At the LibertyZone.

Laura is back spouting her usual PC racism and blaming whitey for young Chicago gangbangers slaughtering eachother:

Black America should demand that Obama cease his shameless pandering to the People of the Gun and launch a full-throttle crusade for sensible gun control. While he has been out on the campaign trail, dozens of Chicago children have been slaughtered in the streets.

Does THIS sound like the guy is pandering to gun owners? SPARE ME! Obama is a gun banner. Laura just wants to ensure that he's loud and proud of it.

She doesn't care if Whitey is disarmed and vulnerable to disaffected urban youts. She just cares when they start gunning down one another. Screw anyone else who wants to protect their lives and those of their loved ones! BLACK children are being gunned down in the streets!

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Jay21 said...

"Black America "
How's that for United We Stand?