Saturday, December 27, 2008

Their latest angle

SIH and WaronGuns link to a presser from the Brady Bunch as they try and wedge themselves into the Hain lawsuit. The last three Helmke blogs on Huffpo have been attacking carry. Three out of the last four additional posts on their site's blog have been anti-carry.

To me, this appears to be a prelude to another push. They are working to try and make open and concealed carry holders out as being irresponsible and dangerous. My guess would be that their short term goal would be the revocation of the National Parks carry legislation while at the same time trying to weaken national support for it for a longer term goal of making state carry laws more restrictive (hence less common) and/or an unlikely push for a national ban like Obama claimed he wanted.

That's their best bet. With the coming of a new administration, CCW in national parks seems to be the weakest link and the most obvious chance for a springboard victory to tout how the Obama victory was a mandate for gun control, how strong their organization is, the NRA is emasculated, what have you.

Helmke's default quoted statement seems to confirm that:
"the Bush administration's parting gift for the gun lobby to allow hidden weapons in our parks threatens the safety of these national treasures and those who visit them."
One can almost imagine Paul Helmke quietly whispering "pleaseohpleaseohplease" while hoping for a shootout somewhere so they can send out another email alert and press release.

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