Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little Bit of History..

One of my hobbies is collecting antique books. Not only do I like reading them(it's the best way to get the mindset and views of different periods) but they also look really good above the mantle piece.

Some of my more interesting titles are :
Websters Abridged Dictionary for use in Primary Classes, 1892*

Harper's Fifth Reader, 1889*

and White's New Complete Arithmetic, 1911*

But here's one that I found at a local charity sale:

The NRA Book of Small Arms Vol 1: Pistols & Revolvers, 1946.

History is fun.

*All of these are at a level that would be considered advanced for High School in today's classrooms. I have several others from the early 1900's that are the same way. Sad.

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