Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gun Show Stuff..

Went to the local gun show w/ my BIL to spend a little more of my X-mas money. The place was packed w/ people and lots of decent deals. Saw a Norinco NHM-91 which is something I'm looking at (or similar) when I have money again. Talked to John Naese of the Champaign County Rifle Assoc. He had some 6.5 Swedish that he was looking to sell. If anyone is interested, contact him at :
Tell him I sent you.

Also talked to "The Book Guy", Roy Carey Jr. ( Oddly enough, there was not a single copy of the Turner Diaries or the Protocols present so I asked him why. He told me that not only does he not carry books like that (along w. ones like the Anarchist Cookbook) but that the sponsors of the shows he attends (most of Il and the tri-state area) don't want them there either. Hmmm. That seems to fly in the face of PSH claims that lines are out the door at shows for materials like that.

I picked up a book on WWI and another on the Spanish-American War. Both of which have some fantastic period photography and artwork. Also got a good deal on (what I believe is) an early model Romanian AK-47 bayonet:

And such went my X-mas money. After lunch and much wailing and gnashing of teeth over lack of funds, home we went. Went online and found a replacement frog. It should be here in a few days.

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Home on the Range said...

Hope you all had fun, and a good Christmas.

Best to your household.