Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mentality of Hoplophobes..

In Bryan Millers debate w/ Ms. Hain, the lady who carried to her kids' soccer game, he claimed that a person who carries automatically intimidates anyone they have a discussion with thereby having the upper hand. Ms Hain aptly calls that idea ridiculous.

She knew her stats and her history slamming not only Miller but the NJ detective with the classic "when seconds count" line and stats on police shootings. His whole "tactical SWAT teams are gonna blow you away" line got really old after about the 4th time he used it.

The original woman who called the authorities was one of the callers. She was a hysterical nutball who is afraid of the very idea of firearms.

Hain actually used Bryan's claims on his blog against him on his support for gun bans. He also flat out lied about the Halloween shooting by claiming the guy, who was a convicted felon, legally owned his gun. He also regurgitates the "developed country" myth. He knows that's not true so that was deliberate.

His responses about the bathroom assault phone call was just pathetic. He "didn't know" if a guy making sexual advances in a women's bathroom was dangerous.

This debate clearly went to Meleanie Hain. Bryan got his @ss handed to him. He must still be disjointed about Mary if this is his topgame.

Link via WarOnGuns


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The gun rights advocacy movement needs to draft her for development as a prominent spokesperson. She blew Miller and the Jersey cop out of the water, and without much help from the rather silly guy on her side.

I'll give Bryan Miller one thing--it's a rare "talent" to be both pusillanimous and bullying at the same time, but he managed to pull it off. Way to go, Bryan!

Anonymous said...


Anybody got an e-mail address for her. I'd like to send her an Atta-girl.

Anonymous said...

You know, I almost have to feel sorry for Bryan. I mean, here this man is - he has spent most of his life trying to rob people of their rights, trying to ban a morally-neutral tool, and finding all of the supporting information, statistics, and data to try and further those goals.

And he got his ass handed to him by a random mother, who just happens to open carry.

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a fun interview to watch. Bryan needs to get out and do more of these for my personal entertainment.

I bet he thought he was going to debate well against this mere "child."

She served him his own ass repeatedly.

me said...

Was the woman who called cops the shrill lunatic who called in? Have to watch it again. It's healthy to laugh everyday, and watching supporters of evil get bitch smacked like that is loads of fun.

Oh...and whoever told the hostess wrapping a beach towel around your neck like that looked them, that was almost as comedic as Miller.

Thirdpower said...

I'm pretty sure it was from what Meleanie said to her.