Monday, November 10, 2008

Brady Campaign and AHSA compared

Ray Schoenke of the AHSA:
The leaders of the NRA launched vicious attacks on Obama, spending over $40 million. They thought they’d have a good opportunity to damage Obama’s campaign. But, they didn’t. Their ads were widely panned as misleading and dishonest. That’s their standard operating procedure – and this time, it failed. Their candidate lost.
Brady Campaign:
The NRA lost big. The NRA called 2008 “arguably the most important year” in its 137year history, and promised to spend $40 million in the elections, mostly to defeatObama, who they deemed would be the “most anti-gun president in American history.”The NRA’s millions could not prevent victories by candidates supportive of sensible gunlaws, including in states with significant gun ownership. Obama won almost every state where the NRA ran ads.
One would almost think that their goals were complimentary to eachother.

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Shy Wolf said...

They ARE part of the same organisation: definitely NOT in any way interested in defending the Second Amendment as written.
For one, I do not believe a word put out by AHSA any more than I believe the Brady Bunch. Both are anti-firearms despite the rhetoric. For proof, I offer up B.H.O. and his voting record- which both Brady and AHSA fully propogate. Give me the Second Amendment and NRA any day.