Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Freshman Fifteen

Makes you end up looking like this:

J/K. These grounded little piggies are courtesy of Tori Croft, National Manager for the NRA's Collegiate Shooting programs (another absence from the AHSA).

When I was in school, I signed up for an intro shooting course for fun. When I showed up for the first day, I was informed that the instructor had retired and wasn't being replaced. They had neglected to mail the the letter informing me. The secretary in the office ,when I inquired about it ,told me "If you want to learn how to shoot, you shouldn't do it at a university". Never mind the fact that target shooting was one of the first categories of events for the revived Olympic Games in 1896. I personally think that such ignorance and contempt shouldn't be allowed in an institution of learning.

But that's just me.

Lots of people don't realize that when they send in their dues, that money goes to support programs like this. They're led to believe that it goes to the ILA or PVF, two separately funded entities. I wonder where they got that impression from? But of course topics like that don't sell papers.

While they don't get as much attention, these programs are just as important to keep the shooting sports alive as preventing politicians from 'reasonably restricting' firearms to the point of defacto bans.

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