Thursday, June 5, 2008

A nation of laws not (for your average) men

Well, no surprise, Alderman Mell got his what amounts to a private exemption bill passed in Chicago. Now he can re-register his firearms after failing to do so last year. He claims he was "inundated by calls". If this is true, I wonder how many of those people realize that the bill only covers one year of missing registration?

Here's what I expect to see happen. Mell and a few dozen (at most) other people will be allowed to re-register. Everyone else who does it will be outside of the bounds of the bill , charged by the city, and have their firearms confiscated if they are still in possession of them (ie don't have vacation houses out of the city where they can store them). Daley will then go on TV crowing about having gotten all those dangerous guns owned by criminals off the streets and how Chicago gun control works.

Armed and Safe has more including the ordinance.

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Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

It's my understanding that the ordinance has only been approved in committee, rather than passed by the City Council. I don't think that can happen until next Wednesday (June 11th).

That said, I think it will pass easily.