Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Truthers are out there

Several of us were present when a Truther hit up Col. North at the NRA and the Media Forum. He brought up REX84 and Building 7 on 9/11. After continuing to harass North, he went to the back of the room where he started talking to another person. After the Forum, another individual cornered North and apparently talked about the same things.

Turns out there were actually four of these guys and they were from The Liberty Voice. Their website isn't working right now but I got a screen cap of the Google Cache

I was in the Press Office when they got the call about this same group ambushing Ted Nugent w/ the same questions that they asked Col. North. I got this confirmed later talking to some people who were present at the Nugent event. They (the reps) decided to not yank the nutballs credentials as long as they didn't push it to far. Apparently the Truthers got what they wanted from Nugent as they left right after that.

If they ever get their site back up, expect to see posts about the NRA being part of the conspiracy.

We use the expression. 2nd Amendment, defender of the first. This incident shows just how true that is. While the NRA is willing to let these nutballs express themselves even though what they were pushing was completely off topic, I seem to recall the another "pro-gun" organization restricting media access only to approved "authorized journalists". I didn't hear about any this year. Their 25,000 members must not be paying their dues.


Anonymous said...

He brought Building 7 on 9/11.

My name is Jim White and I am from Michigan I met you at the forum you speak of with two of my buddies. You gave us your blog address, I don't know if you remember or not. We were at Teds Speech This same guy asked TED the same question about Building 7 and TEDS answer was NO and that is all Ted said nothing more. The guy said thank you and they all left.

Thirdpower said...

Yes, I remember you and your friends. I enjoyed talking to you after the forum. Thanks for the confirmation on the question and for checking out my blog.