Friday, May 23, 2008

PSH in Oakland

This article via Joe Huffman reads more like an Onion piece or a Brady Bunch press release than anything resembling actual journalism. Case in point:

A majority of guns used in California crimes can be traced to purchase in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida, according to a 2007 study by the Violence Prevention Research Program at the UC Davis.

The problem? This is an outright fabrication. Even though BATFE data is not to be used for statistics, let's compare. Out of 13,798 traces in 2007 where the state was identified, CA accounted for 9,981 of them. That would be 72.3%. How does less than 25% make a "majority". 10,865 of them even had a "time to crime" of over 3 years.

Never mind the fact that they only cite Wintemute, the Brady Bunch, and other anti-gun organizations and throw in the usual tripe about "assault weapons" w/o obviously having ever read the law. Those must be the "experts" that claim "more guns = more crime".

SailorCurt has more. So does Roberta.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love this false quote...

It used to be illegal for civilians to purchase or own assault weapons. That was before the nation's main assault gun control legislation lapsed in 2004 — and was not renewed.

I bought most of my EBR's during the "ban", legally.