Thursday, May 22, 2008

Excellence in Parenting Award

What do you do when armed intruders break into your house and shoot one of your dogs? Evacuate the house and leave your kids behind.

Is this an example of the Brady's recommendation of "Giving them what they want"?


Anonymous said...

I saw this.

I hope everyone remembers to shoot this story from the hip the next time somebody bad-mouths Castle Doctrine.

breda said...

Did you read the comment from the neighbor? "Nothing like that happens around here"


Mike W. said...

What kind of parents run out of the house and leave their kids at the mercy of a gunman? especially one who's just shot their dog.

We have no Castle Doctrine here, but if someone broke in and shot my dog......

Anonymous said...

Brings up an interesting point. We have a state law which says that you can protect livestock AND pets with lethal force from a predator attack on your own property.

I might have to look into whther or not 2 legged animals qualify as predators. I know what my personal feelings are but what the law says...Hmmm?