Friday, January 4, 2008

Bryan Miller continues to distance himself from Prof. Riley.

In his latest post:

As to your silly hubbub about a CeaseFire PA Board member (that's PA as in Pennsylvania), neither Ceasefire NJ (that's NJ as in New Jersey) nor I have any role in choosing, endorsing, supporting or whatever anyone on CeaseFire PA's Board. It ain't our business. So, the accusatory Comments to my blog about a CeaseFire PA Board member are ridiculously out of place, which is why I deleted all of two hostile and inappropriate Comments (out of nearly 600 appended to my entries). Finally, I have neither time nor inclination to seek information on CeaseFire PA's Board members. As I said, I am busy doing what I do. 'Nuff said. Adio, fellas.

And yet:

And, energetic and strategic leadership has emerged at CFNJ's sister organization, CeaseFire PA, around which all concerned to make Pennsylvania (and, indeed, New Jersey) safer from handgun crime and violence are gathering.

Sure sounds like support to me. Especially since he was the one that co-founded and was Executive Director of CF PA. How would he know that they have "energetic and strategic" leadership if he knows nothing about them? Is that just what the other board members told him? Is he just a mouthpiece regurgitating talking points now or is he actually active in his organization? Is he stating he no longer has any influence in the organization he started?

Notice that he refuses to use Alex Tristan Riley's name? Or that the post he deleted was a link to Riley's "Vermin" blog about the very topic Bryan is discussing? Why would he possibly do that?

You can't make this stuff up.

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Rustmeister said...

Didn't he debate someone in PA on behalf of Cease Fire PA just a little while back?

I thought Sebastian had something on that.