Monday, August 27, 2007

Laura Washington at it again.

over at the Sun Times:

SaysUncle does a good fisking of it.

Here's the letter I sent:

Ms Washington,

I find it interesting that you refer to pro-firearm activists as "petulant" and "vitriolic" and then end your paper w/ "if I had my way, the gun lobby would be looking at three yards and a cloud of dust. Let's get organized and shove tougher gun policies right down their throats."

As for "gun control" support, here's a recent poll by Zogby:

as well as one from Pew:

So even though public opinion is against gun control and the evidence supporting it is weak or non-existent, you want to force it on the public. Would you say the same in regards to abortion?

You say that "many" tell you to go places. Well, since your support of gun control legislation is fervent even when the facts don't support it, do you blame them? What about all the e-mails that were sent that were polite? Why didn't you respond to any of their concerns or any of the questions they brought up?

Oh, right, nevermind.


I'm sure I'll get the same type of automated response as last time.

This is the kind of "debate" that is becoming more and more common amongst the hoplophobes. They ignore the actual facts and presented evidence in order to focus on a few cases of extremism. The same kind of "Reasoned Discourse" logic that the Brady Bunch used to shut down comments, Robyn Ringler uses to delete the majority of posts, and Alex uses to make rules for him to allow comments.

Gun control is more like a religion than anything else. New Earth Creationist Dr. Dino uses the same tactics to push his agenda and has about as much evidence to support himself. What does he do? He makes certain rules guiding anyone who debates against him, he uses "studies" from groups that are completely financed to support a particular goal and ignore the majority of evidence out there. They also demonize their opponents by making up facts about them .

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