Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Robyn Responds:

"I will rarely respond to your comments, that is true. My blog is unique in that I have always viewed it as a column rather than a true blog. I write about topics that interest me and I often write in the form of personal essays or editorials. Of course you are free to disagree but, like all bloggers, I reserve the right to delete comments that are lacking in civility or are simply moot points because you all have repeated the same point or provided the same link over and over. If you feel your views are not getting enough exposure then by all means write into the new Times Union gun blog—a perfect venue for you to unload whatever is on your mind."

Translation: I really don't care about the facts and will repeat myself no matter how many times I'm shown to be wrong. Just go away because I'm not going to listen to you and will delete whatever I want so Nyah.

It's already been shown that what she says here isn't truthful either. She says she deletes comments w/ repeated points. Obviously that's not true as she apparently doesn't read any of the evidence. She's also deleted comments calling JadeGold and ATR on their "facts" yet allows all their inanity in no matter how cartoonish.

Honestly Robyn, if you think you're "unique" among hundreds of millions of bloggers, then you really are just decieving yourself, and not just by thinking Gonzo is based on reality.

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