Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wow. Just Wow

This proverbial piece of wisdom from Paul's most notorious sycophant left me nearly speechless:

IN response to this question:

Here's a question for you Kelli. You seem to hate the current administration yet are willing to cede more power and authority to it.

Were Bush to declare himself president for life and the 2008 elections null and void, would it be treason for the populace to rise up to re-establish the elected Gov't?

In simple language for you dmeadows (because you appear to always be confused & rarely understand) ~ I don't care how oppressive this government, or any other future government, becomes. I would NEVER advocate using the U.S. Constitution to justify taking up arms against them.

Nor should you.

That's called 'treason.'

Clear enough?


If you were armed ... absolutely, it would be treason in my book. And, I would never advocate doing that, nor would I willingly participate in taking up arms against this or any other political body/group/government I despised. I wouldn't even take up arms against the gun lobby. There are other ways to fight. More humane ones, at that.



I have to admit that I'm shocked to repeatedly find comments/posts from the pro-gun side stating that the Constitution affords them some sort of legitimacy to take up arms against our government, if it were ever to become "tyrannical" ~ thus, they must remain armed for this purpose, among others. They have no constitutional right to advocate treason against this or any other government they find oppressive.


She's gone off the deep end. Basically she's saying she opposes the very founding of this nation and would even consider the Warsaw Uprising treasonous. This girl does more for our side than a dozen blogs.

As as aside, notice the way Kelli's post is prioritized. She hates the "gun lobby" more than Apartheid South Africa, Stalinist Russia (who killed tens of millions of people), and the numerous military Junta's across the world that are killing and terrorizing their people.

One smart thing she did say:

"I wouldn't even take up arms against the gun lobby."

Probably a smart move. They're the ones w/ the guns.

Update: Now she's resorted to outright lying to defend her actions.

Right now, right here ~ are a loud band of Gun Extremists who are misusing the Constitution and using their past or present affiliations with the U.S. Armed Forces (eg. Thirdpower, Zen21tao...) to threaten ~ either playfully or not ~ to overthrow with arms an elected government.

I'm wondering what message board she's reading.


The Duck said...

Some would perfer to be subjects, rather than citizens, it really is that simple.
It is easier for them to be told what to do than make a decision for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thirdpower, thanks for getting back to me about the cheekpiece thingie. I've got the Romak 3 and am not fond of the cheek weld, but oh well.

Thanks in a big way for re-posting Kelli's latest works. I too, was floored when I saw her latest on HuffPo. She is a blessing to our cause.

I also posted the following over there but wonder if you can offer any validity to the following? It sure sounds like the BC.


Anonymous said...

How Sad.

Kelli is advocating genocide. We all know gun control precedes government sanctioned genocide. History always repeats it's self. Wonder if she would feel regrets, when her Husband, Father, Mother of other person she cares about is erased in some, genocidal purge.

The fools will never understand.


Anonymous said...

She's exactly the sort to have a neighbor chase away a burglar with a licensed handgun, and then to repay him/her by holding an anti-gun candlelight vigil in front of said neighbor's house denouncing the lack of 'reasonable gun control'.

Tom said...

It still amazes me that people are willing to lay down and be trampled upon. The Declaration of Independence states: "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,..." Why would our founders have this right, but we do not?

Arthur said...

"Why would our founders have this right, but we do not?"

They managed to wrest control of their homeland from one of the most powerful nations on earth while wearing powdered wigs and pantaloons.

And 200+ years later they are still venerated for it.

When your liberty-fu is powerful enough to accomplish that, you'll have your answer.

the pistolero said...

Tom beat me to it. The founders clearly and explicitly acknowledged that the armed overthrow of a tyrannical government was the right and duty of a free people. I am not surprised this Kelli cretin is so aghast at such a prospect, but I still find her and her beliefs thoroughly disgusting.