Thursday, December 6, 2007

Expert "Only Ones say "Umm"..

Over protecting people at mall.

Don't arm security guards. Okay, that's reasonable. The majority of them are just minimum wage private employees w/ keys and radios.

Set up Airstrip 1. They even admit people would stop shopping there.

And then the usual PSH over the "Wild West":

Should these private security guards be armed? "Absolutely not," said Greene. Greene said if a security officer were to pull a gun on an armed individual in a mall, it could result in "the gunfight at the 'OK corral,' and then we might have 23 people killed instead of eight."

Yeah, cause what's actually happening is better than what your fringe imagination comes up with even though nothing like that has happened anywhere and in fact limited the carnage in Utah.

That's why they won't talk about allowing CCW in the malls. Because they're afraid. Afraid of people being able to defend themselves and not cowtow to their authority and afraid of losing justification for their jobs. If we could defend ourselves, there's less need for the police to be ever-present.

It's telling that not one of these "Experts" brought that up or at least the media didn't report it.


InFerroVeritas said...

Actually my local anti-gun fishwrapper published the following from a "Mall Security" expert:

- On Revoking in-mall bans that prohibit weapons on customers?

“I spent good deal of time in Israel with the Israeli national police and just about everybody in Israel is armed,” Bridgeman said. “As a result, basic street crime is unheard of – there is a certain deterrent effect when you don’t know if others around you are willing and able to defend themselves.” End quote

I almost fell over I was so astonished.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that there was a planned terrorist attack right here in Illinois, at the Cherryvale Mall in Rockford.

Feds caught the guy just before he was ready to bomb and gun attack. Can happen ANYWHERE.

The Duck said...

The Enquirer article surprised me too. We need more Sheepdogs, & we need to let the Sheepdogs roam where they please. The rabid anti's are really the blind of the sheep, as they can not in anyway tell a wolf from a sheepdog.