Monday, December 3, 2007

The "Only Ones" not practicing "Safe Storage"..

I guess she wasn't trained enough to know about teaching your kids firearm safety. She was the "Only One" so noone else should have touched it, right?

Maybe she should have gotten a clue her kid was a shit:

Other neighbors said the brother had been suspended from school after bringing a gun to class, but authorities would not confirm that happened.

The family lawyer did, however:

McDermott also addressed the 15-year-old's arrest for allegedly having brought a gun to school. He said the teen, who felt threatened, was trying to protect himself, and that the two incidents were not connected.

Why weren't charges enforced the first time instead of only an "arrest"? Why didn't the mom pull her head out of her ass and lock up her gun after her kid was shown to be completely irresponsible. It was a 15 yr old w/ an illegal handgun. Does this mean that it needs to be made MORE illegal? Most likely an "Only One" favor.

Will we see a call from the Anti's that all correctional officers should store their firearms in a collective armory?

Update: He's being charged w/ involuntary manslaughter as a minor.

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