Sunday, September 2, 2007

Reasoned Discourse strikes again..

Robyn is shutting down her comments.

Her excuse is that I called her out on allowing through some of the most insulting
posts from pro-gunners while still deleting ones that contained dialog. Of course she has to mention the intentionally insulting comments I made on my site while ignoring the rampant vitriol that is constant from the target of said insulting comment. Had she bothered to ask (or even read the source of the quote) , she may have discovered that I didn't "self-proclaim" myself a blowhard. That came from one of the "reasonable" posts from ATR (via RobbAllen's site) who she regularly allowed to be published.

Did I make a highly insulting remark towards Alex on my site? Yep, sure did. I don't deny it nor apologize for it. Had she actually read what I linked to, he made the claim that "guav" stated he felt a little girls life mattered less than a TV or VCR. This wasn't an insinuation or a "translation", it was posted as a quote. That apparently garners respect from Robyn. I have no respect for him whatsoever and I'm sure he doesn't care. He also doesn't care about having any "dialog" or trying to discuss anything w/ anyone who doesn't agree w/him or measure up to his standards. But that's apparently OK since he is anti-gun as well, right?

Be honest with yourself Robyn. You didn't want "dialog". Otherwise you wouldn't have continued using the "GunGuys" and the Mayors Coalition as sources even after it was shown what their intentions are. You wouldn't have continued making posts on Tiahrt even after we showed you the facts. You wanted an echo chamber of people who agreed w/ you or were willing to "compromise" their rights away.

Well, you've got your echo chamber, just like we predicted. I hope it proves satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Please forgive my niavte... or perhaps I should hire a woo-woo astrologer to read between the tea leaves here but the ONLY suggestion that Alexander Tristan Riley is having an inappropriate relationship w/ his own daughter comes from none other than our ever loving Nurse Lawyer Activist Robyn the simply "winky-wink" add-on thirdpower alludes to suggest incest?? I wouldnt gather that (was the entery edited? are there other comments on "Days of our Trailers?" or elsewhere in the blog-o-sphere?)if thats the case then I could understand the outrage.

What I got from thirdpowers comments: (as a ley-person or non-NLA if you will) from the "winky-wink" was how pathetically trite and downright boorish of ATR or anyone to have his/her adorable daughter be an unwilling poster child for their polital causes. She is beautiful(thank god for her she looks like mom!) I hope he loves her more than something anyone could purchase at Walmart. PIN A ROSE ON HIM!

Anonymous said...

Great posts Thirdpower, keep up the good fight my friend.

One more down many to go.