Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chicago Sun Times, not just pumping out more crap..

Unlike Ms. Washington's tirades, at least one of their reporters actually tries to learn a little about the subject, and comes away pleasantly surprised:

Positively straight shooting

CONTROVERSIAL GUNs | Test of ARs shows them to be accurate, simple to use

September 2, 2007
BY DALE BOWMAN Staff Reporter
BONFIELD, Ill. -- They're scary. That's the crux of the gun debate spurred by the AR platform.

The AR platform looks like a machine gun.

That's why Kent Peacock, president of Firearm Safety Training Inc., invited outdoor media to a tactical rifle open house at the Illinois State Rifle Association range Aug. 28. I was the only one who took the opportunity to be enlightened.

''The mass media has the majority of the population thinking ARs are machine guns,'' Peacock said. ''This myth couldn't be further from the truth. They also have the majority of the population thinking the federal gun ban from '94 to '04 made these firearms unavailable. In actuality, many AR manufactures came into existence during that time.''

Boy, someone who goes out shooting, learns a little, enjoys it, then reports about it factually. I'm sure he must be new. :)

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Anonymous said...

It has always amazed me how 90% of the people out there, whether they are for guns or against them, always seem to enjoy their first time out. There must be something remarkably basic and elemental about slinging lead downrange, though I will be damned if I know what that is (especially since they are a relatively recent development).

That said, while I credit the reporter in question for taking the time to actually research his story before spouting off on it (who ever heard of such a thing?), it is kind of sad that he did not do his homework online (all of the information he "discovered" is freely available there), and that it took actually shooting the gun to realize there was nothing wrong with it. I guess I am expecting too much from a reporter to desire that level of understanding from him...

Either way, good on him, and good article.