Saturday, March 18, 2017

Steve Jackson Games OGRE: Old School @SJGames

I'm a huge OGRE fan. I cut my teeth on it w/ a copy of GEV my sister got me decades ago and have picked up most of the stuff for it since then including being one of the custom sheet sponsors for the Deluxe Edition Kickstarter a bit back.

Currently they are running some 40th anniv. specials and re-releasing expansions in .PDF form.

Ogre 40th Anniversary Release: Shockwave

The game of Ogre has evolved over the years. Beginning as a humble Microgame in 1977, it has grown and expanded to become the beautiful monstrosity that was Ogre Designer's Edition, released in 2013. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Ogre moves forward with Ogre Sixth Edition and the upcoming Ogre Reinforcements. This month, we're featuring digital re-releases of three classic, hard-to-find Ogre supplements: ShockwaveOgre Reinforcement Pack, and Battlefields
G.E.V. was the first expansion of Ogre. It was initially published as a stand-alone Microgame, focusing on the non-Ogre units and introducing rules for terrain, overruns, and more. These two Microgames formed the core of all future rules.
The first true supplement to the Ogre/G.E.V. line was Shockwave. Released in 1984 and reprinted in 2000, it brought Light GEVs, GEV-PCs, Marines, and the Superheavy Tank to the game. New targets were published as well, including reactors, strongpoints, hovertrucks, and more. 
But that was not what truly differentiates this supplement! Ever wonder what caused all those craters on the Ogre map? Shockwave details rules for Cruise Missiles (and their associated crawlers) to unleash this massive destruction upon the terrain. Additionally, rules for Lasers and Laser Towers give the poor defenders a chance at shooting these devastating weapons down!

I have multiple hard copies of all of them and they're all great to play.  Most of the material is in the ODE edition but the rules aren't in the OGRE 6e or the pocket edition.

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Angus McThag said...

Do you reckon they're going to do 6e updates?

Thirdpower said...

You mean errata or additional sets?

Angus McThag said...

Additional sets to bring 6e up to the DE standards and to give some of the things missing from both.

Last time I played Ogre was in the late '80's and I am not sure what melange of rules were were using, but it was still tons of fun.

I did a nostalgia purchase of 6e and am part of the miniatures Kickstarter, but 30 years is a heck of a gap between plays.

Thirdpower said...

The DE rules are available in PDF from Warehouse23:

I know that various DE sheets/etc are available on Ebay and some of the maps on w23. Metal minis are available here and there. I'm sure they'll come out w/ plastic minis in the additional units.

They also just released PDF's of the Shockwave and Battlefield (above) expansions which are a bit outdated but mostly fit.

Thirdpower said...

Addendum: Full DE rules:

Thirdpower said...

Addendum 2, the 'duh': Totally forgot about this:

and this: