Sunday, March 19, 2017

OGRE DE: Ceasefire Collapse @SJGames

One of my favorite scenarios from the game. A straight out slugging match between forces. 4P Alpha and I played a standard round to get him familiar w/ the ODE / GEV rules.  5P started playing but had to leave to a 4h meeting w/ CinC and 4P Bravo.

Starting out w/ 16 points of armor and 18 points of infantry on the 'G2' map. 

I chose: (Nihon, shock)
Superheavy tank (2 pt)
Mobile Howitzer (2 pt)
2 Heavy tanks
1 Missile Tank
3 Lt tanks ( 1/2 pt ea)
4 GEV's (Hovercraft)
4 GEV-PC's (personnel carriers  1/2 pt ea)
3 Light GEV's (1/2 pt ea)
16 infantry and 1 Heavy Weapons team ( 2 pts)

He chose a heavy, defensive mix (Black Rose Merc's)
2 Howitzers (2 pts ea)
4 Heavy Tanks
4 GEV's
4 Missile Tanks
8 Infantry, 3 Marines (2 pt ea) and 2 Heavy Weapons Teams

starting out:
 He centered his forces around his two howitzers.  I split mine up into two armor squads, three fast reaction teams, and the mobile howitzer w/ infantry support. 

4P-A sent a few units piecemeal  up the causeways which got taken out quickly but built a strong defense position in the two city spaces in the SW map.  That ended up taking out one of my fast reaction teams in its entirety.
 He re-enforced it more by the time my SuperHeavy squad got there. Two of my fast reaction teams managed to get over the bridges and to the SE cities (filled w/ infantry) while he blocked my 2nd armor team w/ a platoon of Marines.

 The Superheavy tank fell to a well rolled Howitzer shot.  Back and forth decimated both defenders and the assault teams. The 2nd tank team and Marines took eachother out but the fast reaction forces in the SE took out the local Howitzer and several of the defenders before moving West. The Mobile Howitzer finally got in range to take a shot at some infantry that had moved out of its defensive position.

Taking out the 2nd howitzer w/ the remaining GEV's guaranteed endgame.  4P-A decided to end w/ honor and have all his pieces end in fire.

 I finished the game w/ 11 scattered infantry, 2 GEV's, 2 GEV-PC's, a Light GEV, and the Mobile Howitzer.

Things we take away from this session.

1) I got lucky w/ only losing a few infantry and disabled units to spillover fire.

2) His choice of 5 special infantry units cost him as he had 30% less to work with compared to me.

3) He used defensive terrain very well but I would bait him to move out of it and he'ld get destroyed.

Looking forward to playing again.

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Karl Gallagher said...

Hey, would you be willing to do an experiment? We've been arguing on the SJG boards about the proper value of a SHVY. Next time you run this scenario could you have one side stack up on SHVYs (five or more, operating as a unit) and the other use a conventional group?

I can guarantee some folks would be interested in the results.

Thirdpower said...

That argument's been going on for years on every OGRE/GEV board I've ever been on. I regularly pick a few as the spearhead of an armored thrust when on the attack or as a bulwark in woods/town when on the defensive.

Once I played a game of Raid w/ all superheavies vs all GEV-PC/infantry. The GEV's got slaughtered because of the terrain handicapping them.

I'll have to try a superheavy force in ceasefire collapse.