Friday, September 30, 2016

Play Stupid Games

So woman from Chicago 'burbs buys guns legally and then knowingly sells them to gang bangers to make some extra money and gets caught.  Based on US law, she could be up for 30-40 years.

Any bets on what she will actually get?  SCC says probation.

There are also some really stupid comments by the CPD in the article.  Have fun.

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Archer said...

But it's clearly all your and my fault she is able to buy guns in the first place.

If only they'd pass a law disarming you and me. [/sarc]

Ian Argent said...

"...a firearm designed for the military that is capable of firing a round that can pierce a bulletproof vest... "

A Brown Bess? A SMLE? A Trapdoor Springfield? M1 Garand?