Thursday, September 29, 2016

Less than 10%

There was a murder up in Champaign, IL recently which has a lot of folks tweaked.  It's primarily a 'college town' but things have been getting worse. This is partly why.

URBANA — A Champaign teenager paroled two weeks ago from boot camp for a shooting offense has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm in the death of a bystander in a shooting early Sunday morning in Campustown.
 Patton was paroled Sept. 9 after having served about 8 1/2 months of an eight-year prison term for aggravated discharge of a firearm.

and it wasn't just 'playing around':
  Patton is thought to have fired a gun at two men in the parking lot of the restaurant 

Translation, he tried to murder someone and since those he shot at were also likely a bunch of thugs, they didn't cooperate and it got pled down. Then he only server 8 months out of 8 yrs. 

And what has he done since he got out?   
 Patton was already arrested once this month after his release from prison.
 On Sept. 11 — two days after being granted parole — UI police arrested him for allegedly lying about his identity. A police report said Patton was a passenger in a car that police stopped about 1:15 a.m. that Sunday near Green and Locust streets for an alleged traffic violation.
Smelling cannabis emanating from the car, police had the driver, Tyren Mercier, 18, of Champaign, get out. He was later arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession of cocaine after police said they found individually wrapped packages of cocaine in his wallet. Patton was released from the county jail that same day after posting bond and was later charged with misdemeanor obstruction of identification.
So how many parole violations right there? And they let him go again , just so he could go murder some people a few days later.

And what were those circumstances? 

Big party in an area of mostly college students.  None of those involved, however, are students themselves.   
The apartment where the party was going on was rented by some Champaign residents, and despite its location in the heart of Campustown, police don’t think any of the people directly involved in Sunday’s melee were University of Illinois students.
Another translation:  The 'Champaign residents' are the local drug dealers for the campus and all those 'directly involved' are part of the local criminal circle.  

 18 yrs old felon so no FOID, CCW, or any shape or form of a legal purchase w/ 'Universal Background Checks'.  Multiple past offenses and insanely weak sentencing for violent crimes. 

This is the norm for 'gun violence'.  Remember this when they call for even more laws they won't enforce. 

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Archer said...

Oh, but they WILL enforce them. Against you and me.

Y'know, those of us who DON'T have criminal records a mile long, who HAVEN'T been in prison, and who are MUCH LESS likely to shoot back at the police enforcing the laws.

It fits right in with their M.O. of only enforcing criminal statutes when it's safe to do so.

Elizabeth Hanson said...

I agree with the other comment. They will enforce the law against law-abiding citizens, not criminals. I live in CA which is THE worst gun state.