Sunday, August 7, 2016

#GenCon2016: Daddy/Daughter Day

Due to scheduling conflicts, I was only able to attend GenCon for one day this year.  A difference, however was that Fourthpower Bravo asked to join me as part of her 13th Bday present.  Her goal was to meet as many people (especially from the Gamers movies) and get autographs as she could.  We were pretty successful for a one day shot.

In front of the Mayfair games display.

Waiting for the exhibit hall to open, we played a few rounds of Battletech at the 'BigKidzGames' simulators (I so want one).  I ran a Mauler, she ran a Madcat, then a Madcat MkII. I came in first then somewhere in the middle (against some hardcores), she did not come in last either time.  Not bad for her first time. 

Multiple trips to the DG/ZOE booth resulted in several photos and many autographs.
Top: Perfect Dad (Yours Truly), Chris Duppenthaler(Mark), Matt Shimkus (Rogar), Emilie Rommel Shimkus (Wren)
Bottom: Steven Wolbrecht (Nodwick), Christian Doyle (Gary/Luster, Perf), Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe (Gamers Live/Series)

One of her favorite artists, John Kovalic who writes Dork Tower.

Dr. Doom

Beast Boy and Raven
In front of the balloon dragon display.

THE highlight of the day though was the Gamers Season '0' showing. I had pledged for the Journey Quest Season 3 KS to get a custom 30 sec. video, thinking to do it for the Power's 13th Bday.  The ZOE/DG folks went above and beyond.

Her reaction:

The the con madness definitely had its effect on her.

@SimonsCat :The Card Game #GenCon @SJGames

#GenCon 2016: Swag & Stuff

 #GenCon Swag Update: #GamerBadges from @JBMPress

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