Sunday, August 7, 2016

#GenCon 2016: Swag & Stuff

A short run at GenCon this year but well worth it in experiences and swag.

From Artisan Dice, makers of really exotic/rare dice.

I have in the past picked up one of their Mammoth Ivory d20's and bought a set of the bison horn as a gift.  One of my other wants was a set of their 'Bog' dice, made from wood that's been submerged in a Russian swamp for thousands of years. It is now mine:

From Dead Gentlemen/Zombie Orpheus Entertainment I picked up my Kickstarter copy of 'Attacking the Darkness, a hand sewn 'Flaming Hand of Fiery Doom' dice bag, a new copy of the previously lost 'Gamers 3: Hands of Fate (which my no longer favorite niece returned my original the next day >:( ), and a Demon Hunters 'Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch' patch.

At the Steve Jackson Games booth, I was demo'ed the new 'Simon's Cat' card game and finally picked up a copy of the OGRE Objective 218 card game (which I got demo'd last year).  The madness of the games took me as we were given an Evil Stevie tentacle.

Also shown to me was a prototype Arcade Game Dice roller to be in production sometime next year:

 Upcoming Robotech RPG tactics scenario book from Palladium books for episodes 1 to 18.  Three scenarios per episode.

The guys at Dog Might Games continue to impress.  I have done two of their KS, dice chest and dragon sheath, and picked up a dice tower at last year's GC along w/ the game Livestock Uprising. Fourthpower Bravo picked up a dragon sheath of her own at the con that she's planning on using at school.

Another Kickstarter I backed was the Gamer Badges by JBM Press.  I picked up my four sets (1-3 and the KODT special) from their booth.  Next I'll need to find which ones to put on my vest.

My big (as in size) purchase was made first thing in the morning.  Walking through the halls, I saw a huge map that was reminiscent of Axis & Allies. Running it was Jeff Stein, creator of The War Game:WWII, an out of print strategic game.  He had a few sets left in his stock.  I picked up one of the boxes w/o pieces as he told me that A&A pieces were completely compatible.  The other sets he had sold w/i minutes. Where in the world am I going to play it though?

And the annual GenCon die from Crystal Caste.  Added to my set.

It was a good year.  Wish I could have spent more time but life happens. 

#GenCon2016: Daddy/Daughter Day

 @SimonsCat :The Card Game #GenCon @SJGames

#GenCon Swag Update: #GamerBadges from @JBMPress

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