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"Under the Gun": Lies, Statistics, and Omissions.

An excellent film for convincing those that have no idea about firearms and who have only paid attention to headlines to support gun control.  Basically an hour and 45 min.attack against the NRA.  Very few pro-rights people were interviewed and, as anyone who remembers Moore's hit piece against Charton Heston, that was the smart thing to do. They do everything they can to discredit and make firearm owners look like fools.   Don't ever talk to the media.
They start out w/ the Sandy hook families and the Giffords.  These become the foundation pieces for the rest of the film and their primary anchors for why one should support gun control.  As is typical, it's what they leave out that's telling. We'll go through it scene by scene.
The California isla vista shooting is a highlight.  How horrible this mass shooting was while mixed in w/ various scense for pushing universal background checks and how gun owners don't have answers.  They leave out that California HAS UBC's and that the shooter jumped through all the hoops .  While not mentioning that, they go onto the failure of Manchin toomey. No mention how it created a full registration system nor that there was an alternative bill supported by many pro-rights advocates that was shot down.
Then we move onto Chicago, a complete farce of a section as not once is the FOID card mentioned throughout the film. They claim that guns are coming from 'legal' gun owners strawpurchasing.  All those unsolved cases are because the ATF is not allowed to digitize their records.  No mention of the critically undermanned CPD or a culture of 'No Snitchin'. 
We see lots of weasel wording throughout the film. 'gun related tragedies' while intermixing homicide and suicide stats.  Suicide is only mentioned once, later on in the film when they're pushing it as a 'health issue'.  Traditional method to inflate numbers. 
They claim 74% nra members want background checks and then show some people outside of the NRA convention saying they want UBC's.  How many negatives did they get? 
The next claim is that the majority join for benefits, not politics.  They don't offer any actual evidence for this and this line "If you believe they have 4-5 m members...." was classic.  All part of demonizing the NRA while trying to make gun owners complacent to more controls. 
 Sugarmann is brought on w/ his normal lies about .50 cals shooting down airplanes.  He almost looks like he has a stiffy as someone is paying attention to him again.
 Introduce Shannon Watts  and her lie about being a 'stay at home mom'.  Kroger allowing open carry is their bit here. Why are they attacking 'open carry'? what does it have to do w/ 'gun violence prevention'?
They go back to how evil firearm advocates are, playing a video of some ass who attacks her via internet.  Knowing a guy uses bad language, she plays the video at high volume w/ her kid in the room?
This bit is one we all should pay attention to.  It shows the true mentality of firearm owners.  I missed who the guy saying it was but he claimed that everyone has the potential for bad conduct so everyone should be treated as criminals. Yes, that's right, since we all 'might' commit a crime, laws should be put in place that treat us like criminals already convicted.
Kelly  claims that 'what very often happens...." is gun owners going around shooting themselves in accidents.  Can we say 'Only One' boys and girls?  No actual numbers are presented but a video of a guy shooting himself is.  
The Phillips' are presented as victims of the Colorado shooting  and as 'gun owners'.  No mention in the numerous times this is presented that the shooter specifically chose a gun free zone to target or that he passed a background check.  The mental illness meme is attacked since, well, it's true.  They 'debunk' it by showing that violence and alcohol are more often connected to shootings.  No mention that the majority are already criminals that have illegally obtained guns. See Chicago again.  This, again is their attempt to try and defend the failures of background checks.
Sugarmann again w/ the 'guns are less regulated that teddy bears bit.  Get something new Josh.
S&W sales plummeted after they caved to Clinton in 2000. The evil NRA lobby is attacked again.  Who buys the guns?  NRA or people.
WA 594 is the big push and what they conclude the film on.  They don't mention 10x the amount spent by anti-gunners to get 60% of the vote even after their numerous claims of 90% of the people and 74% of NRA members want background checks.  This is of course normal as they have to present the NRA as this giant organization (while at the same time representing only a tiny fraction of gun owners) that is funded by big businesses.
Pushing ballot initiatives hard. 
"You can come away w/ fully auto gun" terrorist quote and  the terror watch list mixed in w/ some NRA members looking flabbergasted.  Don't mention the absolute failure of the list, Ted Kennedy, or boy scouts. 
Next up is the three day default for firearm purchases and that it is 'common' for criminals to get guns this way.  They mention the Charleston shooter who brought this to light.  Don't mention the shooting was over a month later. Why didn't they go after him? 
Back to the Sandy Hook family saying background checks only 'one component'.  Admitting they're not going to stop there even after all the claims that we're being  paranoid and fear mongering.
Claim law abiding citizens are the norm for committing 'gun crimes'.  This is the only time they mention that    '2/3rd s of gun deaths' are suicides, which leads into.....
Public health issue.  The CDC not allowed to research.  Don't mention 'sponsored' research was to paid anti-gun advocates.  Don't mention the millions spent by joyces to fund fake research.
Dan Gross attacks gun dealers.   More gun stores than starbucks and Mcdonalds? Demanding a 'Code of conduct'.   Connect the dots.  They attack and shut down dealers after pushing UBC's. No dealers, to firearm transactions or sales.
Back to Chicago and Father "Snuffy" Phleger.  Doesn't mention FOID card in Illinois.  Claims you can buy 200 guns legally then sell them and claim it was lost/stolen.   No, this is called 'trafficking' and is a crime that anti-gun judges will sentence you to one year of probation for.
The Colorado movie theatre.  Ignore that it was a GFZ and guy passed up other theathers. They don't mention AR jammed and it was a shotgun he mostly used. They push that  S&W made the gun and the lobby encouraged them to sell more guns.   
Back to 594 passing by 60%.  No mention the non-enforcement of it by authorities or the money again.
Shannon Watts  says 25 states is the turning point for laws.  Yet she opposes CCW which is legal in all 50 states, the rise of cons. Carry and open carry.
They set up crosses then go on w/ their lives.  That's why we win.  They ring bells and light candles.  We're actually connected to our rights.
The after talk.  One long NRA hit segment. Malevalence. Gum up the system.  Not good w/ people.  Gun lobby's marketing.  'risk of guns in the home'.   Valerie Jarrett  is one of the spokesperson.  Another is Robin Kelly- bought by bloomberg for $2m
Feinblatt from Bloomberg's Everytown (who's name is not mentioned once).  If they're not w/ you on background checks you can't be w/ them.  Previously NRA was attacked for black and white world.

You could almost make a checklist of this as an anti-gun want list and meme's. All it goes to show is that they are after your guns and they will continue to lie and spend millions of dollars to do it.

They want Universal Background Checks.
They want to close down shops who don't follow their 'Code of Conduct' which will shut them down anyway.
They want to ban semi-auto rifles.
They want to ban arbitrarily sized magazines.
They want to ban big guns.
They want to ban too small guns.
They want to ban Concealed Carry
They want to ban Open Carry
They want to make it nearly impossible to have a gun in the home because it's unsafe.
They want to restrict ammo purchases.

But they don't want to take your guns. 

And don't talk to the media.

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