Monday, May 16, 2016

*Jealousy Emoticon*

Got several emails from my friend w/the .510 Whisper:
After nearly a year wait, I finally brought home this spectacular Springfield M1.  It started as a CMP rifle and the owner invested heavily into upgrades.  Glass bedding, trigger work, match SS barrel, sights worked on, stock, on and on.  Sadly he passed on before ever enjoying the fruits of his investment.  His passion was precision shooting of the M1.  This and one other were his centerpieces.

And precision shoot it does!  It will take a lot more work on my end but it is a tack driver.  The biggest issue are my aging eyes and that tiny aperture peep sight.  Oh how we get spoiled by a good rifle scope.

This AR build started about a year ago when Larue placed their barrels on sale at 50% off.  I had wanted to build a precision AR and this was the first piece.  The upper and lower are billet machined, Magpul FDE furniture, Handguard is YHM SLR KM style, Geissele SSAE trigger and a match BCG.   I had to wait for a while for the optics the I wanted and the funds available to converge.  Finally, Eurooptic had some Steiner Military scopes on sale last December and I made the purchase.  It rests on a Larue mount.

The performance is outstanding.  So much so that I started in on building a spare identical piece.  You know, two is one and one is none….


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