Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PFRPG 1st Ed Campaign: The Temple of the Eldren

Continuing the adventure from here

The hermit had told the group about a cave that would offer clues as to the nature of our quest.  Locating the entrance, it initially looks to be a natural cavern but further investigation leads the party into an area that had been intricately designed and older than any of them had ever seen before.  A series of traps and puzzles confounded the party for a time but they were eventually able to overcome them discovering some clues as to its builders and a prophesy of doom to come.  Soon a battle ensued against the recent inhabitants of the temple, a magic-user of some sort and a few inexperienced fighters, who were quickly dispatched.  Further exploration discovered the fact that the building was in fact a temple of an ancient race, previously unheard of,  known as the Eldren, destroyed during the Great Battle against the Old Ones. Some of the temple was inaccessible, reacting strongly to several attempts to penetrate deeper.  Much gold and several magical items were recovered. One item being a sentient sword created by the Eldren known as Ahn-Sehm (Servant of Sehm) that was assembled from pieces discovered in the temple. The sword, a sarcastic creature, became bonded to Frederick the Cleric.

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Allen said...

a sword bonded to..a cleric?

oh wait..PFRPG...not D&D..nevermind....

Thirdpower said...

We like to joke that PFRPG 1ed is Siembieda's response to everything he disliked about early D&D. It comes roughly between AD&D and 2nd ed. A rough setup w/ lots of ambiguities, it allows for more actual role play than early D&D and more variety in classes and races.

Archer said...

I've always enjoyed the Palladium system for its variety and flexibility (what other system can handle a longbowman, a Veritech pilot, a superhero, and a Ninja Turtle - simultaneously - without breaking?), and many of my favorite player characters EVER were created using it.

Thirdpower said...

Archer, do you play 1st or 2nd ed fantasy? I like the palladium universal system but imo their 2nd ed. fantasy basically turned it into Rifts Dimension Book Palladium, taking away its unique flavor.